Range Of Services

Our Practice Offer

Driving suitability tests MFK

Investigations: Level 1 (for senior citizens over 75 years) and Level 2 (professional drivers and shifters) according to medtraffic.ch.

Travel medicine/vaccination advice

Are you planning a trip abroad? We carry out both the vaccination consultation as well as vaccinations (except yellow fever) directly in the practice.

Precautionary examinations “Check up”

Depending on the age and pre-existing conditions, we carry out individual examinations as well as the general examination.

Manual medicine

We are a priority practice according to the Swiss Medical Association for Manual Medicine SAMM.

Laboratory medical examinations

We determine laboratory parameters directly in our practice. For further investigations, we work together with an external laboratory.


The ECG (Electrocardiogram) is an examination to record and assess the electrical activity of the heart. Many cardiac arrhythmias can be diagnosed and treated specifically.


Under the guidance of the specialist staff, your lung function, such as lung volume, is examined. Diseases such as asthma can be detected and treated with this study.

24-hour blood pressure

The 24-hour blood pressure test is used to identify and / or control therapy in patients. Here a blood pressure cuff is worn over 24 hours and the values ​​recorded regularly.

Medication delivery in practice

If medications are needed to treat a disease, they can be obtained directly from the practice. If your medication is not in stock, we will be happy to order it for you. Of course, you can get the drug with a prescription in a pharmacy.

Wound care

In our practice we provide wound consultation as well as the resulting wound care individually tailored to you.